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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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people are lining up to get their hands on one last pastrami sandwich. the deli will change locations in las vegas and pennsylvania. happy new year. have a great safe weekend. goodbye. >> fox news alert, get out, that is what the obama administration is saying to 35 russian operatives as well as their families in retaliation for moscow's interference with the presidential election was welcome to "happening now". >> sanctions include the closing of two russian compounds implemented on words of the white house as part of a coordinated response involving at least 5 federal agencies. president obama saying there is more to come. joining us live from the state
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department with more on this, hi, carol. >> reporter: vladimir putin's russia won't pick on our operatives in response to this. here is part of his statement, quote, we will not result in irresponsible kitchen diplomacy to restore us/russia relations based on the policies of the trump administration was vladimir putin's is the us is damaging international relations as a whole. resident elect trump will sit down with the intelligence community to discuss the issue, the transition team says trump has no talks scheduled with vladimir putin. as of noon today, one hour from now it will be denied access, one in maryland and one in new york. the diplomats and families have until sunday to get out. 96 russians are expected to
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leave the us, plus their families. f it may not be kicking out us diplomats but the russian embassy reads, quote, president obama extols 35 diplomats in cold war déjà vu. everyone including the american people will be glad to see the last of this hapless administration. you see a picture with a duck with the word lame. the state department is these moves are in response to harassment of us personnel in russia. personnel have been pulled over by police, physically assaulted and personal information has been broadcast on russian tv. laura: busy day at the state department. gregg: let's talk to christopher smith, national security professor at georgetown university. good to see you, christopher, normally russia retaliates in
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response to america's retaliation blues not happening this time. when putin is taking a different tack as he appears to be utterly dismissing president obama as irrelevant. what do you make of it? >> several purposes, the first is to play down the seriousness of russian intervention not just in the us election but in elections across the west. second it has the advantage of setting things up for a reset with the trump administration, what they are interested in doing. the kremlin is playing the high road. it is important the incoming administration focus not on what russia was saying but what russia is doing. if we take that perspective a lot of things russia is doing internationally are far destabilizing than the expulsion of 35 diplomats from the united
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states. gregg: how does the sanctions order impose real or meaningful cost against russia that might deter its behavior? even democrats on capitol hill are describing president obama's sanctions as weak and timid, not to mention tardy at the end of his presidency. >> we had to do something. i believe there was a hack, no country that respects itself can tolerate political party servers. where was president obama when it was happening and before that the russians hacked the. there have been reports president obama did nothing, too little too late and throwing a monkeywrench into the plans of the incoming administration and
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president-elect trump. gregg: why not deploy offensive cyber capabilities to disrupt or disable russia's computers? why not something in kind that would hurt them and get their attention? >> important to note the actions the agencies were not necessarily over actions for public consumption. watch this going forward. the case against operations, many months or years after the fact. and important point is too little too late. if you look at the pattern of the george w. bush administration and the obama administration, the last 16 years of us/russian relations every new administration has come to power thinking they could have a better relationship with the vladimir putin regime than its predecessor and in each instance those administrations
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have been fooled, the vladimir putin machine has run circles around them and the tendency we have to engage to accommodate the vladimir putin regime, i hope the incoming trump administration takes a careful look at let's they make the same stakes as its most recent democrat and republican predecessors. gregg: i know parenthetically the wall street journal advocates, the embarrassing financial details of senior russian officials at the panama papers that was suggested. >> we did with the panama papers and the russians shrugged it off and continued on their merry way. moreover, i would say as christopher said, be proactive, go on offensive but also this administration in particular is a flip of the switch. if it puts its foot down like.
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recently did with anti-israel speech, extension of un speech, under administration, we are shooting ourselves in the middle east but also russia. i would add president-elect trump, who is the author of the book the art of the deal should apply the principles of his book to two dealings with vladimir putin. whenever vladimir putin needs something, we need to extract the cost and i'm sure donald trump knows that. gregg: we will talk more about donald trump in a second, thanks for being with us. happy new year. laura: president obama and president-elect trump taking different approaches to russia. president obama leveling sanctions on moscow, the us election unsettling 35 diplomats
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and their families closing two compounds. mister trump brushing it off again saying it is time to, quote, on. glenn hall, us news editor at the wall street journal to talk about this, break down the politics of it all, it is a strange situation with the incoming and outgoing president with different points of view on russia. let's start with fresh news, russia will not be retaliating in any way. >> very interesting foreign-policy dynamic for the incoming administration. it says we are going to -- vladimir putin said we are going to respond to the policies of the trump administration, not the policies of the ongoing obama administration. that puts trump in the drivers seat in terms of how the relationship with the russians
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go forward. gregg: the politics are unusual. laura: usually politicians are hard on russia but this is a little different. what is your take on that? >> there are two sides to the party, more than two. part of the response, paul ryan, john mccain and others has been to agree this was necessary. action had to be taken. donald trump has been hesitant, i will hear the facts, he has not taken a strong stand on retaliation. a bit of a challenge going forward, the policy position he wants to take whether he wants to walk back sanctions, a little opposition in his own party saying we did need to take this action. laura: many say this was a way to box mister trump in in some way when he gets into office next month but he has wide latitude to stop the change or rollback >> that is right, the previous guest talked about the art of the deal, donald trump has some
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leverage given to him by these sanctions. he has a bargaining chip when talking about vladimir putin. i can walk up these sanctions, what can you do to help me look good if i make the change and make my relationship with you of your strong but not partial? and this is a foreign-policy last-minute change in the obama administration position to figure out what to do with is going forward. >> this is the largest expulsion of foreign officials since march 2001 when president george w. bush ordered 50 russian diplomats to leave in retaliation for russia planting a suspected spy at the fbi. before that ronald reagan, 55 billion diplomats. not necessarily new. >> we haven't seen a lot of the stuff in the last decade or so. these are older examples. they are out there and always quid pro quos, retaliation is swift, russia retaliated with its own reprisals for those
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actions this is a different situation where vladimir putin is taking a new tactic say wait a second, i am not going to retaliate. the cards are set for us to take action response. vladimir putin is thinking i will see how i can play this to russia's advantage. laura: it is an interesting time. thanks for being here. gregg: a freight train colliding head on with a delivery truck. what caused this horrific scene? the countdown is on for the biggest party of the year in new york city, extra tight security. preparations of the way in times square to stop an attack from happening which crowds targeting niece and germany this year. measures we can't see to protect the million revelers tomorrow
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night. the tao still backing away from 20 k on the last trading day of the year. some money tips for 2017. >> financiers who fund their campaign, they are left out of that, the rest of the country. i'm asking questions you would ask. tall married small?
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with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. make it firm. make it soft. adjusts to any duo. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store where the c2 mattress is now $699.99. it's a no brainer. laura: an investigation underway after a train collides with a fedex truck in central tennessee. you didn't have a signal, the train flipping the truck upside
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down completely destroying it. the driver taken to the hospital but seemingly okay. grateful no one was seriously hurt each gregg: read arrows on wall street on the last trading day of the year, the tao keeps shining away from that elusive 20 k mark let's look at the tao, down 30 points, the last hour or so, pretty much the same story on the nasdaq. foxbusiness's nicole pedallides live at the new york stock exchange. nicole: the dow is down 26 points sitting at 19,00792. not near the -- the santa clause rally usually running up 1.5% the last few trading days.
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it is windowdressing, usually an up arrow under pressure. donald trump was elected, the tao 10,000, in march 1999, there are no iphones at the time, to take a look at 10,000, 18,000, 19,000, donald trump in naples. in december 2014, not quite yet. we are doing well, the tao is up team. many names have soared more than 30% including united health, caterpillar, goldman sachs, chevron is a great performer. instead by the way, financials
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did very well is donald trump was elected, energy needs, telecom, industrials. this is what we have been wearing, tao almost 20,000. i'm tired of putting it on but now they have given out something else, it has a 20 in it, for 2017. i am going to go like this. happy new year. gregg: that is an excellent for you, i would stick with it the rest of the year. thanks for the stroll down memory lane. laura: vladimir putin denying allegations of hacking but he won't expel any american diplomat in retaliation for us sanctions. one of our next guest says moscow is pl new year brings a clean slate. why our next guest says slow and steady will help you achieve that new year's resolution.
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gregg: the most common new year's resolution is get in shape and it gives a lot of people trouble. they tend to give up quickly. what is the best way to set and keep goals for healthier lifestyle? joining me is doctor karina boone, thanks for being with us. get healthy, lose weight, it is my new year's resolution, usually last about a week. what do you tell people? >> slow and steady wins the race, set smaller goals that are realistic and you stay consistent and avoid injury and stick to the plan you set for yourself. gregg: a lot of people want to do this and one day they are
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eating cake and pie and stuffing and turkey and the next day they are going on a crash diet, and an extensive exercise. not a good idea? >> not the best idea. if you let yourself go, we know during the holidays you tend to gain weight, you have stress, poor posture, you set a smaller goal and a realistic goal so that you maintain your course, create long-lasting changes and not short-term gains. gregg: what do you suggest? >> do exercises that are incorporating stability because you need stability to have mobility and ability to have stability. it is something for joints need that are lower impact so you are creating more fluid flow and getting her body reconditioned for higher intensity activity. gregg: anytime i exercise i
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become complaining about my aching joints and so forth but you want to avoid serious injury. ggs, flexibility or lack of flex ability is a major cause of injury so you want to be flexible and learn to do stretching or flexibility exercises during your daily routine, not just when you work out because it helps with maintaining function and improving function and performance during regular routine and more specific activities. gregg: grew up on sports teams with coaches saying push it push it harder, harder, on and off. that is not a good idea for most people, is it? >> listen to your body. if you have aches and pains, if they disappear when you are doing the activity, sometimes it is okay to continue. if it becomes really excruciating, that is a no. listen to your body. if it persists after you have done your routine, that is a
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fine you might have overdone it, go see somebody. >> i to the health club once in the only time i was in a was when i signed up for it. they count on people like me. i will never do that again which in this facility, what do they do? >> i love antigravity body weight functional exercises because you don't need anything but a yoga mat and space, don't have to pay for the gym membership, things like bridges, plans, push-ups, all of this activity, you are using your muscles, pumping your fluid in your blood and regaining strength and stability. >> there is a used book and video store, i could probably get one of those exercise routines for 5 bucks and watch it on tv. is that helpful?
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>> absolutely. you should be conditioned for the activity. something really high intensity like insanity workout or p90 x, they do fitness tests so you can make sure you avoid injury and stay on track with that. >> what i usually do is play videos and sit on the couch and watch them. it doesn't translate to my weight and getting in shape. how do i stay in shape? >> take something you like to do, something you would want to do and stay consistent with because you are adding an extra workload to your day so you will expend energy and calories doing it. something you like to do, and realistically can do. you avoid injuries, and you have positive reinforcement. gregg: my wife caught me eating
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candies. that is a no-no. >> i sense of that but i'm glad you confirmed it. thanks for the tips. laura? laura: you need to drop into 20 at the break. the eyes of the world, the 17, the security plan finest, and millions of digging out a major winter storm ahead of the new year. janice dean has the forecast for the holiday weekend was more on our top story. thank you for ling in the president of election, from a journalist's perspective. our next guest says the media is overlooking a major component of the story next.
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gregg: the white house leveling wide-ranging sanctions on russia but the election year is not the only headline out of russia in 2016. there has been the olympic bilking scandal, made of the warm relationship between president-elect donald trump and vladimir putin. stock about it with jin mick miller, pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter, author at fox news contributor. ellen ratner joins us, talk
8:30 am
medianews and fox news contributor in santa fe, new mexico today. thanks for being with us. how would you assess the media's treatment of the russian hacking scandal and other russian activities? >> russians have clearly, so aggressively, even the media has was to pay attention to what fiberwarfare is all about in the 21st century so we have had a crash course on different bears that are hacking troops that have gone into, the joint chiefs of staff, we knew about the sony hack, that was not russia's brave new world cyberwarfare. the media have had to educate themselves and have been educating the american people in the process.
8:31 am
the report put out by the fbi and department of homeland security on the russian hack. people who have read it say it is pointing to the russians and has complicated political life for donald trump. not something they have caught, the challenge posed to mister trump's desire to reset relations with russia which is accused of serious tax in modern american history. gregg: if you read major newspapers they all seem to describe obama's reaction, the sanctions and so forth as severe and meaningful. come on. they are not really severe and meaningful, you toss out 35 people, reagan and bush tossed out twice as many. and freezing assets, not like
8:32 am
these guys were spies investing in at&t and apple stock. what does that really do? >> that is the question, we have got to pay attention to the brave new world, that is where we are going. judy brought this up a couple weeks ago. what about the fact that obama has taken so long to do anything, if in fact it was the russians? my brother was julian assange's attorney, he says it was not the russians, that -- gregg: he is really trustworthy. >> i don't know. the fact is john podesta is registered as a foreign agent meaning the nsa looked at it, someone leaked it. in fact, what mattered, i think is judy pointed did the house, has the press done their
8:33 am
homework? what about the fact that obama has taken so long? judy said that a couple weeks ago. where is obama? gregg: president obama blamed the media's obsession over the content of these emails even as he refused to blame the russians for hacking as the reason for mrs. clinton's lost election. does that make sense? >> it doesn't. when obama was trying to do, was to work with the russians, to resolve the syria catastrophe so the united states did not have to get more involved than it already is. that strategy did not work. it failed as clearly as his reset failed earlier on in his administration and yet president obama, as pointeded out on the show has resisted doing anything
8:34 am
substantive about this for a long time. where was he 18 months ago? he was nowhere. so now this is his christmas present to donald trump. mister trump says president obama, you wanted to do good for the russians, you want to make a nice for the russians, you try because people in your own party like lindsey graham, john mccain. gregg: president obama gave an interview to the atlantic, claims he suffered, quote, concentrated vilification by will fox news, rush limbaugh, the whole conservative media ecosystem which prompted karl rove, fox news contributor to respond president obama is whiny, self-justifying and bursting with excuses. which is right? >> don't know that either is right. i will go with a journalist who looked at a lot of this.
8:35 am
honestly i don't think he has necessarily been vilified by fox news. he has done his own vilification. >> i think it is easier to blame the other i then to own up to your own mistakes. if president obama doesn't like the way we are covering him, join the club. donald trump doesn't like it either. they have different modes of responding. gregg: the president, this is what karl rove said, rarely accept that people have honest disagreements with him. is that true? >> i don't think that is fair. president obama is a very intelligent person but he is very aloof. he doesn't like the wheeling and dealing. that is a major factor for him
8:36 am
in trying -- >> he really hates it when somebody disagrees that is what politics is all about. >> winning over people who disagree with you. he hasn't done that but let's see if donald trump is any better at it and he said he would bring us together. i am wondering what will happen in his own cabinet. there will be a huge difference in the administration. >> let's watch. gregg: good to see you both. happy new year to you both. laura: the new year is almost here. more than 1 million people expected in times square to watch the crystal ball drop tomorrow night, ramping up security after truck attacked targeted crowds in germany and
8:37 am
france, thousands of officers in midtown manhattan as they always do along with bomb sniffing dogs in an important weekend. the nypd detective. it is a new day, we have seen so much happen here. we see so many people for in 2 times square. you got extensive experience in the field spanning several years in israel. you seen a lot and hurt a lot around the world. widget we know going in this year. what happens in recent months. >> new york city and nypd. and the monitoring and
8:38 am
goaltenders, and with learning tactics, >> we know the sand and sanitation trust. to secure the perimeter. why was the measure put in place before, last year or the year before? >> it is a tactic at a major event. there were many attacks, they were not talking major even. it is not like they targeted parades or social events. gregg: bad guys watch news coverage like we all do. we hear about nypd, and things we see. an invisible layer of
8:39 am
protection. that always makes us feel good to know something is not out there publicly. secrets that you can't share that, we should all know there are definite things being done. >> there are and wanting to point about, the most vast analytical police department in the world. and unbelievable caliber, that alone is so unique, law enforcement and active police officers for best practices. bill: you have some abcs for all of us. we live here and we have a celebration this weekend, all around the country, what do we have? >> this is for everything. alert and aware, full conviction. it worked for any suspicious
8:40 am
cause, packages, compensation, social media, aware. no exit routes, and local law enforcement. the command post is. balances or two different phases, first is to be racially profiled and ineffective called ppr. and this is even more important, politically correct circumstances could be better. i will complete it with conviction. in times square, the abc with you and enjoy it. gregg: when you see something
8:41 am
say something, when a lot of people say something somebody else will say something, important to do. >> make sure the person you give it to listens, and tell somebody else. gregg: thank you for being here today. thank you. >> what will the weather be for those revelers at the crossroads of the world, senior meteorologist jana seen live to fox weather center and i was going to say without her hat but she has it on again. is this an all-day think? >> it will because my hair conforms to what this hat looks like and it is the last weather report of 2016 so happy new year to everyone. taking a look at our forecast, we had this nor'easter, still have snow, upstate new york and new england, lake effect snow continues ongoing today and
8:42 am
through the weekend, several inches of snow, not a big system but be aware you have snowflakes, a few inches in your neighborhood if you live anywhere across the great lakes and new england. future radar, watch this is to move offshore towards eastern canada and as we get into saturday watching this bring strong thunderstorms, not severe at this point but heavy downpours along the ohio/tennessee river valley and snow across the great lakes, also looking at potential for rain along southern california towards the four corners but no big storm system for new year's eve which is great news, new york, mainly cloudy skies, we could get a little bit of a drizzle but we hope that stays mainly to the west of new york city. a good-looking forecast, probably, for the ball drop. i will forecast a good-looking forecast and afterwards a few
8:43 am
sprinkles here and there. the sinful us looks good, pretty dry, no real arctic front pushing through so we are not dealing with wind chills below 0 anywhere which is great news but we are seeing potential for rain showers across the west of california. times square, cloudy skies, 40 °, not bad, much or new year's eve in the past, a little drizzle after midnight, but otherwise pretty good forecast for many big cities, atlanta and los angeles, otherwise it looks good. happy new year to you. gregg: where do i get one of those hats >> across the hall, it is new year's every day in my office which laura: new development in the case of a new york lawyer and a lawsuit over a bad google review. our next guest says these cases
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>> new information at the new
8:47 am
york city lawyer who sued someone who posted a bad review of him on google, a judge tracked down the person who wrote the review, damaged his professional reputation the user name to me a arse posting three words about his legal practice, it was horrible. now all the google reviews have been taken down. let's bring in a former federal prosecutor, and a criminal defense attorney. it was horrible. that is an opinion. and opinion is protected speech in defamation cases, no harm no foul. no harm but no foul. >> facing law school like 100 one. you are absolutely right. probably opinion. it wasn't that big a deal. you have instances on behalf of publicly traded companies, they
8:48 am
hide behind these anonymous games, reviews and consequences which opinion is opinion. >> it was opinion which it was defamatory, it was trade liable, and -- >> if you assert or disapproval, let me turn to you. it damages somebody's good name and reputation. is through the defense here? what if this were simply telling the truth about the experience? >> more than likely this person never experienced it, that is one of the problems we had. internet usage, people say bad things about everyone. you have a bad case, serious case in the public eye and a lawyer involved in a major case people are going to make bad
8:49 am
negative comments about you. this is emerging litigation where a real idea to face
8:50 am
them. >> how many times after be on fox have i got nasty comments on my webpage, on twitter? >> didn't know you got those so
8:51 am
thank you. >> some people don't agree with me. >> they really love me which is why they take time to email. gregg: we are going to take a quick break, we will be right back. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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>> a major american city ending the year on a terrible note, violent crime skyrocketing in 2016. the city logged 750 murders this year in los angeles combined. arrests are correspondence live to break down these numbers. a high number. >> an increase of violence, you pour it on top of the endless cycle of -- the former police superintendent calls a crisis. 756 people were murdered in the city of chicago. an increase of 57% last year and 2400 last year, increasing 47% is overwhelming number of victims are black, most shooting
8:55 am
targets are documented gang members. the former chicago police superintendent gary mccarthy lost his job in the wake of the videotaped shooting, the reason for the increase in bloodshed is policing has become politicized. >> the politicizing of policing is ending up killing black lives. the number of police related shootings in the city is less than half of 1% of the shootings in the city of chicago so what does that mean? 99.6% of the shootings are civilian on civilian. generally black on black, 80% african-americans are dying, 90% increase from two years ago. >> 12 people were killed by gunfire in chicago, 11 of the murders were gang retaliations and the reason for the timing
8:56 am
was because they knew their gang rivals will be home. there will be demonstrators out this weekend, the demonstration is supposed to be anti-violence, not anti-cop. there is always the risk that the message can get diluted. laura: thank you so much. hopefully next year the number gets down which gregg: noon next hour of "happening now," some travel tips for you that will be the cheapest destinations in 2017 and how to keep cool if mother nature keeps you on the ground. plus the federal reserve raises key interest rates recently. what that may mean for your home value, your mortgage rate, potential buyers. we tell you about it coming up on "happening now". dave: enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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gregg: and that's the place to be, right in front of your
9:00 am
television set, right here on fox news channel. >> it's going to be a good show. it always is. gregg: that's going to do it for us this hour. >> and we'll be back in about an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. gregg: bye-bye. sandra: moscow responding after president obama struck back over russian meddling in our elections. the u.s. telling 35 russian diplomats and their families they have until noon sunday to leave the country. but the russian response, a sharp departure from what we've seen in the past. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith. here today, kennedy, also from fbn, dagen mcdowell is here, fox news contributor rachel campos duffy and today's #oneluckyguy, professional wrestler, actor, comedian and fox news contributor, tyrus, who's part of our network's new year's eve coverage, by the way. >> yes, ma'am.


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